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NOTE: The Design Our Pittsburgh Constellation contest has ended. Thanks to all artists who took the time to contribute a design! Our announcement of the results of the contest may be found here.

Design Our Pittsburgh Constellation

We need your help to connect the dots in Our Pittsburgh Constellation: We're holding a contest to find the best and most interesting artistic representations of the Constellation, and the winning representations will be awarded a cash prize. Finalists’ artwork will be displayed in an astrophotography and space art gallery show with an opening reception. Will the winner be something uniquely Pittsburgh, like a Steeler, a Pirate, a Penguin (sports teams) or perhaps a regional food like a pierogi? Or will it be patterned after the constellations imagined by the ancients? The art contest will be open to the general public. During the months of the gallery show, local artists will use the venue to hold free classes for the general public on how to artistically and scientifically capture the beauty of galaxies, nebulae, planets, star fields, moons, comets, asteroids with various media.


First place: $100
Second place: $75
Third place: $50

These winning artworks will displayed near the security station in the Pittsburgh City-County Building. Winning artists will have the option to include a sales price with their displayed piece. Winning artwork will also be displayed in the Assembly art gallery during the month of March and on the PghConstellation website for one year with a picture, bio and link to artist's website. If the judges decide to select honorable mention winners, these artworks will be displayed at the Assemble art gallery along with the top three prize winners.


  1. Art may be in any visual medium.
  2. The map can be extended or zoomed in to any level (but the judges recommend that artists avoid the extreme outliers).
  3. There is a downloadable PDF version of the map below. We do not require artists to use this in any way. It is provided as an optional base for the artwork.
  4. While artists can submit up to three pieces, they can only win one prize.
  5. Artwork will remain the property of the artist.
  6. Deadline: Thursday, February 25, 2016

How to Design & Submit constellations

Pick one of the two templates below (with or without the outliers). Create a work of art (using either digital or non-digital media) that connects points on the map to form a "constellation." If you choose to create a constellation using a non-digital medium, please scan your artwork. Then email your design as a JPG, PNG, PDF or other common image format to In the body of the email, include the following information:

  • Your first & last name
  • The name of your piece
  • The medium in which it was created, and any additional information about your artwork that you would like to share (Does your constellation have an origin story? Does it require a supplemental explanation of any kind?).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email with your inquiry.

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"Our Pittsburgh Constellation" is an interactive map of astronomical sites in Pittsburgh. This includes science museums, classes, businesses that sell telescopes, historically important buildings, observatories, planetariums, amateur astronomy star party sites, optical shops, etc.