Contest Winners

In early 2016, Our Pittsburgh Constellation held a contest in which artists, astronomy enthusiasts and any other creative folks could connect and artfully embellish the dots on our Pittsburgh map to form their own unique Pittsburgh constellations (submission guidelines are archived here) The results were a remarkable showcase of artistic talent among our local astronomy community. Our judges selected the three top entries from the contest, which are detailed below. These three winning artworks were displayed near the security station in the Pittsburgh City-County Building, and in the Assembly art gallery during the month of March 2016.

1st place - $100

Susan Meadowcroft - "Miss Allegheny"

"How do we look at the stars in the sky? Are all the constellations up? Do they move? It was only when I looked at the constellation map differently that "Miss Allegheny" appeared." The haiku:

Miss Allegheny
teaching the night sky to us
our constellation

2nd place - $75

Maybe Jairan Sadegh - "Praeiudictum, the Kangaroo"

I am a multi-disciplinary artist, working primarily in ceramics and two-dimensional media. In my work, I aim to explore the human fingerprints impressed into different scientific enterprises, and the ways we shape, interpret, and convey the information we gather about our universe. I use a 127mm Schmidt-Cassegrain, and I dream of star hopping with it in Badlands National Park someday.

3rd place - $50

Rose Wetzel - "Bird of the Burgh"

When I looked at the points representing stars where Pittsburgh has astronomical points of interest, the shape that immediately came to me was that of a bird in flight. I quickly realized that this was incredibly appropriate: birds are an essential part of Pittsburgh in countless ways. Some important birds in Pittsburgh that came to mind were the Pittsburgh Penguins, the bald eagles that reside in the Hays neighborhood, the Cathedral of Learning’s peregrine falcons, and the giant inflatable duck that charmed many with its visit in 2013

Medium: Pencil and micron

"Our Pittsburgh Constellation" is an interactive map of astronomical sites in Pittsburgh. This includes science museums, classes, businesses that sell telescopes, historically important buildings, observatories, planetariums, amateur astronomy star party sites, optical shops, etc.